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Mirror of Dhamma

Dhamma School for kids.

Buddhism for Lasting Happiness

Teachings for new Buddhists

Watch: A True Investment – Part 2

When investing in good actions, we need to know a little bit about how they work. In this episode, we learn about how our actions are our only true possession. To illustrate this part of the Nidhikhanda Sutta, we will…


Watch: Light of Life

When people do not know what dark and light is, they head to darkness and avoid the happiness of light. This wonderful teaching was delivered by the Buddha to a King in The kingdom of Kosalans, India.


Poya Days

Learn about the events that happened in history on the full moon uposathas.

Watch: Importance of Binara Poya

The beginning of Bhikkhini Sangha took place on a Binara full moon poya day. In this sermon you will learn the eight conditions imposed by the Buddha to grant female lay people the chance to obtain ordination in the Bhikkhuni…