Photos of Opening Dana, Wed, Feb 13th

We had a wonderful opening Sangha Dana Wednesday morning. See the photos below. If you would like to sign up to offer breakfast or lunch dana in the future, visit our Sangha Dana page.

Other Opportunities to Collect Merit

Volunteer to help with setup

If you would like to volunteer to help set up the new monks’ residence, please call +94 779 700 001

Offer Material needs

The house is coming unfurnished and will need the basic supports for monks. If you would like to offer something or make a financial contribution, please call +94 779 700 001

Questions you may have:

When can I offer dana?

You can request a date on the Sangha Dana page.

Will all programs be held here?

No. We will keep the current venues for our monthly activities. If there is any change we will notify you.

Is this a new Asapuwa

It is a monks residence for the Colombo Dhamma Friends activities. Being so close to Colombo will make it much easier for monks to conduct not only regular programs in the city, but also programs at international schools.


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