Tomorrow’s World Seen Through the Buddha’s Eyes

“Venerable monks!

The children of these people (in the future generation) will have a life span of ten years. That is in our future, how many years will it go to? Ten!      

That period of time will happen! That is the nature of the human life that we are craving for. A time like that will come!”

“Venerable monks! For those who will have a life span of ten years, girls at the age of 5 will be ready to be married. There are signs of this. 

Even now in our human world, we can see the little stars, or the little dancers start appearing. Haven’t you seen that nowadays children are dancing like adults? These children are not doing age-appropriate dances, instead they are performing mature dance movements. Did you see it or not? You saw it! 

Calling them superstars, people encourage their children to dance. Young children are singing like the grownups. We can see how the five-year-old girls will be ready to be married. 

These things are appearing slowly among humans.

The other thing is that the parents like it too! Parents take their children forward to dance like grownups. They encourage them to sing like grownups and support it. The things that grownups do, the children do as well. 

“Venerable monks!  

Within the people who have a ten-year life span, these flavours will be disappearing: the taste of ghee and the taste of butter. That means the taste of butter and the taste of ghee will not be there. The taste of sesame oil, the taste of honey, the sweet or salty taste, all these flavours will disappear and be gone. ” 

“Monks! Among the people who have ten years of life span, the food that is made of kurahan or millet husks will be the best among food choices.  

You can see what the Supreme Buddha has preached 2500 years ago, in regard to the future, is happening now. It has come into reality. 

“Monks!  During the Supreme Buddha’s time, that is 2500 years ago, rice with meat was the best among the food. Rice and meat were commonly accepted as nutritious food. “

“Likewise, monks, the food that is prepared with kurahan or millet husks will be the best food for the people, when they have ten years of life span. People will appreciate and eat kurahan or millet rice, saying that it is the best food for them.”

“Similarly, monks, among the people who have a life span of ten years, the Dasa Kusala Kamma or the Ten Wholesome Actions will disappear completely. That is what has been left for us now: The Ten Wholesome Actions will disappear completely.”

“What are the Ten Wholesome Actions? 

Killing beings is bad. Abstaining from killing beings is good. Stealing is bad. Sexual misconduct is bad; It’s good to avoid this.”

In this society, if a woman or a man appears nude, there is a big recognition for that. Isn’t it like that?

Then, they will be interviewed and asked, ‘What did you think at that time?

They would reply, “I will be more popular in the future”. Then, that person will gain a high place in society.

What will happen to the children who grow up in this society? What would they think? When we grow up, we will be like this too. Wouldn’t they think like that? 

Parents will also like their kids to reveal their bodies rather than being modest. These signs are clearly appearing now.

“Monks, what will happen is, in the future, even though there are people like this, there is another group who will recognize that it is wrong. This is not good! This is bad!”

“At that time, the Ten Wholesome Actions will not completely be disappearing yet.  Then, false speech, telling lies is not good. Gossips, malicious speech, harsh speech, empty speech is not good.”

Still, doesn’t a monk, who speaks harsh words, have a good place in this society? The vulgar speech gains a lot of recognition! A large population would surround and support that. They would want to listen to it again and again. This is the disappearance of the Ten Wholesome Actions!

Then someone uses wholesome speech, people will think of it as ‘ordinary speech’ and pay no attention to it. On the other hand, when disrespectful, insulting and angry words are being used, people like to listen to it. In this way, the Ten Wholesome Actions are disappearing.

People will use coarse languages in public meetings. In the past, people used harmful speech secretly, but now they speak unbeneficial, low, and destructive words on the stage. They insult others in public. Like that, the wholesome actions will disappear.

These things happen frequently on social media. People often speak harsh, unnecessary speech. They would take over someone else’s wealth and not let them prosper. Next, anger and wrong views will follow.

Further, the Supreme Buddha preached that during the ten-year lifespan era, the practice of Ten Unwholesome Actions will reach climax to the children and their generation. That is what will be increasing.

Among the people who will have a ten-year lifespan, the words ‘Wholesome Actions or Kusala Kamma” will not even be heard. In this way, humans’ lifespan will be reduced. 

The Supreme Buddha preached that the reason wholesome words are heard is because people are doing wholesome actions—They avoid unwholesome actions and therefore reap wholesome results. In this way, people gain the opportunity to hear wholesome words.

“Monks, lastly people will start saying, “We do not need this wholesome and unwholesome actions. We need to get our work done!” and that is the world that we are going into.”

-The Supreme Buddha (Cakkavatti Sutta DN26)

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