217 Dangerous Drink, Mangala Sutta, Part 10

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217 Dangerous Drink, Mangala Sutta, Part 10

Today we are going to learn another one of the blessings that we can find in the Mahā Mangala Sutta, the great discourse on blessings. I’m sure most of you have chanted the Mangala sutta before. It’s important that we understand the meaning in detail since when we follow the Buddha’s instructions it can bring blessings into our lives now and blessings in future lives as well. And specifically today we’ll get to learn what the results of using intoxicants like alcohol are when it comes to our future life. We’ll also learn about a previous life of Arahant Sāriputta when he became addicted to alcohol and did a really terrible thing.


5:40 Sermon on the Maha Mangala Sutta
13:14 Maha Mangala Sutta. Read online or download a pdf.

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