95 Who Can’t Deny the Buddha?

95 Who Can’t Deny the Buddha?

Today we are going to hear about an amazing thing that happened in the time of our supreme Buddha. There was a very poor man with a horrible skin disease. Even though he had to suffer a lot, he would never give up his faith in the supreme Buddha.

Dhammapada Verse:

Caranti bālā dummedhā,
amitteneva attanā;
Karontā pāpakaṃ kammaṃ,
yaṃ hoti kaṭukapphalaṃ.

Dhammapada Verse 66

Meaning: Fools with no wisdom act as their own enemies. They live doing much evil. Eventually, their evil deeds will bear bitter fruit.


5:19 Story of Suppabuddha the Leper
19:00 Buddhanussati Meditation
26:10 My Merit Methods: Helping grandparents

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