201 Overflowing Goodness

201 Overflowing Goodness
Monks in the Morning

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Today we’ll learn the rest of the Puññābhisanda sutta. You know, when we think about merit, many people only think about the physical things we do with our bodies, like giving things to the Saṅgha, or making offerings to the Supreme Buddha. Or maybe they think about things we do with our voices like reciting parittas. Well, in this sutta we learn about having confidence in the triple gem is also a kind of merit. And not just a little merit, but an overflowing source of merit. The Supreme Buddha once taught us that “Faith is the seed.” Saddhā bījaṁ. If we have faith or confidence in the Triple then from that can grow immeasurable good qualities. It’s even the cause leading up to stream entry. So lets think more about this today.


5:41 Final Sermon on the Puññābhisandha Sutta
16:24 Karaniya Metta Sutta. Read online or download a PDF.

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