199 A River of Merit

199 A River of Merit
Monks in the Morning

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One thing the Supreme Buddha is very clear about is that we have to work hard if we want to improve our situation in life. If we want to be happy, this isn’t something we get just by wishing for it. We have to do things with our body speech and mind. But once we begin to work hard like this, then the benefits start flowing into our lives like a great river. Have you ever seen a big, strong river? It keeps flowing, doesn’t it? It doesn’t just suddenly stop and take a rest. And if it’s a big river, it doesn’t run out of water. The Supreme Buddha said that if we want goodness to continuously flow into our lives, there are things we can develop so we keep accumulating good merit all day long, night and day. We are going to learn about that today.


6:04 Sermon on the Puññābhisanda Sutta AN 4.52
16:33 Maha Kassapa Thera Paritta. Download a copy or read online.

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