194 Benefits of Loving Kindness Meditation

194 Benefits of Loving Kindness Meditation
Monks in the Morning

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Today we are going to hear the eleven benefits that we get when we practice loving kindness meditation. Some of the benefits of practicing meditation we can see in this life, and some don’t come until a future life. But when we know the good things we can expect from meditating, then it’s easier to make the effort to practice right now.

AN 11:15 Mettānisaṁsa Suttaṁ
Discourse on the Benefits of Spreading Loving Kindness

1. One sleeps well.
2. One wakes in comfort.
3. One has no evil dreams.
4. One is dear to human beings.
5. One is dear to non-human beings.
6. The deities protect one.
7. Neither fire, nor poison nor weapon can affect one.
8. One can concentrate the mind quickly.
9. One’s facial complexion is serene.
10. One dies without any confusion.
11. If one does not attain a higher stage of enlightenment, one will be reborn in the brahma world.


5:22 Sermon
16:07 Metta Bhavana: Loving Kindness Meditation Download PDF or MP3.

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