192 Noble People Let Go of Desire for Everything, Araham Quality pt. 4

192 Noble People Let Go of Desire for Everything, Araham Quality pt. 4
Monks in the Morning

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Can you remember the three knowledges we learned in the last episode? The three things that the Supreme Buddha was able to see and understand on the night of his enlightenment? The first one was the ability to remember his past lives. Not just one or two, many thousands and thousands of lives. And not just a little bit about those lives, but everything in detail. How about the second knowledge? It had to do with other people… It was the ability to see exactly how and why specific living beings are reborn according to the good and bad actions they do. And the third? He was able to see that his own mind had become purified of all defilement and that he had attained enlightenment. That means that he no longer had greed, hatred, or delusion in his mind. We’ll learn more about that quality of his mind today, and how we can benefit from having the same kind of mind.


6:04 Sermon
14:18 Angulimala Paritta. Download a PDF or read online.
19:06 Metta Bhavana: Loving Kindness Meditation Download PDF or MP3.

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