188 Don’t Do Bad Things in Public or in Secret

188 Don’t Do Bad Things in Public or in Secret

In the sermon today we are going to learn a wonderful verse taught by the Supreme Buddha. One day he was walking on alms round, collecting his meal for the day, and he saw some boys catching fish. Because he had compassion for these boys, he went up and asked them if they disliked liked suffering and if they were afraid of suffering. And what do you think they said? Of course they didn’t like to suffer and they were afraid of suffering. So just like they were catching fish, the Supreme Buddha caught them. They had to listen and think about the verse the Supreme Buddha taught and think about it very carefully. We’re going to get to do that too.

Verse from Udāna 5.4 Ud 5:4 Kumāra Sutta

Sace bhāyatha dukkhassa,
sace vo dukkhamappiyaṃ;
Mākattha pāpakaṃ kammaṃ,
āvi vā yadi vā raho.”

If you fear pain,
if you dislike pain,
don’t anywhere do an evil deed
in open or in secret.


5:46 Sermon on Udāna 5.4 Ud 5:4 Kumāra Sutta
11:51 Aham Avero Homi: Loving-Kindness Chanting. Read online, download a PDF or MP3.
22:24 Theragāthā Verses of Arahant Sumana. Read them online

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