186 Life Is Short, Be Heedful

186 Life Is Short, Be Heedful
Monks in the Morning

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Today one of the monks is going to teach us a beautiful passage spoken by the Supreme Buddha. It’s a great reminder of how short our human life is, and how important it is that we work hard to practice the Buddha’s teachings. We may think that we are going to live a long time, but no matter how long we live, we need to try and follow the instructions the Supreme Buddha gave us. That way we’ll live happily now, we’ll be happy in our next lives, and we also have the chance to experience the ultimate goal of Nibbāna.

Appamidaṃ, bhikkhave, manussānaṃ āyu.
“Bhikkhus, the life span of humans is short.

Gamanīyo samparāyo, kattabbaṃ kusalaṃ, caritabbaṃ brahmacariyaṃ.
You must go to the next life. So you should do what is skillful, you should practice the spiritual life.

Natthi jātassa amaraṇaṃ.
No-one born is immortal.

Yo, bhikkhave, ciraṃ jīvati, so vassasataṃ appaṃ vā bhiyyo”ti.
A long life is a hundred years or a little more.”


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