184 What Should We Plan For?

184 What Should We Plan For?
Monks in the Morning

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Have you ever made plans to do something and your plans didn’t work out like you hoped? Maybe we planned on taking a trip and then the trip had to get canceled. Or maybe we planned to call one of our friends and talk, but we couldn’t get a hold of them? Or how about when we plan to make something, but then we realize that we don’t have everything we need to make it. You know, there’s nothing wrong with making plans. But our plans don’t always work out, do they. Sometimes people even make plans that stretch out for a long time. Like maybe we plan on getting a certain kind of job, or attending a certain university. If we don’t remember that plans don’t always work out, then we can be really sad and disappointed when we don’t get to do what we hope for.

Sometimes, people make long term plans like this, but then they die before they do what they hope to do. Today we will learn about a man who lived in the time of the Supreme Buddha who made these kinds of plans that didn’t work out. But fortunately for him he got to meet the Supreme Buddha and change his plans to something even better.


6:37 Sermon
19:17 Maranasati verses on mindfulness of death. Read on line, download a PDF or MP3.

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