156 What Could Be Better Than Money?

156 What Could Be Better Than Money?

Do you know what a stream enterer is? In the Buddha’s teachings we say that someone has entered the stream when they have a deep understanding of the Dhamma and the Four Noble Truths in a way that cleans the mind in a special way. The thought that our body is really who we are gets removed from the mind. Any doubts we have in the Buddha’s teachings are removed from the mind. And wrong ideas about actions and their results are removed from the mind. Once they are removed in this way, they can never come back. And this means that this kind of person can’t be reborn in the bad worlds and can only be reborn as a human or a god. And most importantly it means that person will attain Nibbāna within seven lifetimes, guaranteed.

So what do you think? Is this something valuable? Today we’ll learn about a child, maybe like us, who didn’t really know what is valuable and what is not.


5:56 Sermon on the son named Kāla who got paid to listen to the Dhamma
18:58 Buddhanussati meditation. Read online, download a PDF or MP3.

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