Monks in the Morning, Wednesday, Dec 4, #123 Show Notes

Episode 123 Beauty Tips from the Buddha, CullaKammaVibhanga Sutta 4

Do you remember the karma or action we learned about in the last show? One was harming living beings, like humans or animals. The other was not harming living beings. What was the result of harming? One result is being born in a bad destination like hell or the animal world. The other result of harming is that we become sick very easily. And the opposite, not harming others? We can be reborn in a good destination and be very healthy.

Today we’ll learn about another set of actions and a way to become beautiful in the future.


6:12 Sermon on Culakammavibhanga Sutta (Read online)
15:47 Aham Avero Homi: Loving-Kindness Chanting. Read online, download a PDF or MP3.

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