Monks in the Morning, Tuesday, Oct 22, Show Notes

Today we are going to hear about an amazing thing that happened in the time of our supreme Buddha. There was a very poor man with a horrible skin disease. Even though he had to suffer a lot, he would never give up his faith in the supreme Buddha.

Dhammapada Verse:

Caranti bālā dummedhā,
amitteneva attanā;
Karontā pāpakaṃ kammaṃ,
yaṃ hoti kaṭukapphalaṃ.

Dhammapada Verse 66

Meaning: Fools with no wisdom act as their own enemies. They live doing much evil. Eventually, their evil deeds will bear bitter fruit.


5:19 Story of Suppabuddha the Lepper
19:00 Buddhanussati Meditation
26:10 My Merit Methods: Helping grandparents

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