Monks in the Morning, Tuesday, Nov 27, #119 Show Notes

Episode 119 Terrorizing an Innocent

Today we are going to learn about a man who’s mind was filled with hatred and thoughts of revenge. Someone said something to him that he didn’t like and all he could think about was how to get even with that person. Has someone ever said something to you to criticize you or blame you? I’m sure they have. It happens to everyone. People even blamed the Supreme Buddha. But the way we react completely depends on how pure out mind is. We’ve learned before how when people would criticize and scold the Buddha he never got angry or had any thoughts of taking revenge or getting even with that person. This is the big difference between us and a Supreme Buddha.


Think about a time that someone has accused you of something that made you unhappy. Are you happy with how you reacted? How could you react better in the future?


5:57 Sermon on Sumangala and the Thief, from Dhammapada commentary 136
16:58 Paṭicca Samuppāda chanting. Read along online or download a PDF.

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