Monks in the Morning, Tuesday, Nov 26, #118 Show Notes

Episode 118 Benefits of Listening to Dhamma

So, I think all day long you have to sit in class and listen to your teachers, don’t you. What’s the benefit you get from doing that? You’re probably able to answer the questions they ask you. And you can get good marks on your tests. But have you ever thought about the benefits you get from listening to the Dhamma? We don’t listen to Dhamma just so we can pass a test, so we. Today we are going to learn about five benefits we get when we listen to Dhamma sermons. When we know what these benefits are, then we will have a strong desire to listen to the Buddha’s teachings whenever we have a chance.


Memorize the five benefits to listening to the Dhamma and tell one of your friends or family members.


5:44 Sermon on benefits of listening to the Dhamma
17:19 Metta Bhavana: Loving Kindness Meditation Download PDF or MP3.

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