Monks in the Morning, Tuesday, Dec 3, #122 Show Notes

Episode 122 True Path to Good Health: CullaKammaVibhanga Sutta 3

Today we are going to learn the next part of the Cula Kamma Vibhanga sutta. Previously we learned about the type of action, or karma, that leads to someone having a short life or a long life. Do you remember what that is? The Supreme Buddha saw directly with his own mind that when we kill living beings, in the future we will have a short life. And if we give up killing, then that results in having a long life. When we keep the precepts we can be happy knowing that by observing the first precept we are helping ourselves to have a long life.


6:15 Sermon on Culakammavibhanga Sutta (Read online)
15:59 Aham Avero Homi: Loving-Kindness Chanting. Read online, download a PDF or MP3.

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