Monks in the Morning, Monday, Dec 9, #126 Show Notes

Episode 126 Mind Like a Diamond

Today we’ll learn a new simile taught by the Supreme Buddha about the difference in people’s minds. Normally we look at people and see that their bodies are different. Some may be tall, some may be short. Some may have dark skin and some may have light skin. But the Buddha didn’t care about those things so much, did he. He cared most about our minds. And when we look carefully we can see that different people have different kinds of minds. Now, the good news is that we can develop our minds and make them better. We can’t do so much to change our bodies, but our minds we can completely improve to bring happiness into our lives. So we’ll learn some similes to help us think about different kinds of minds.


6:05 Sermon on AN 3.25
16:02 Therigatha 92-96. Arahant Nun Mittakali
17:47 Suriya Paritta. Download a PDF or read online.

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