Monks in the Morning, Monay, Nov 25, #117 Show Notes

Episode 117 Who was Subha? CullaKammaVibhanga Sutta pt 2

A few episodes ago we started to learn a new sutta taught by the Supreme Buddha, the Cula Kamma Vibhanga sutta. In that Sutta, Subha asked the Supreme Buddha why there are different kinds of people in the world. So why was it that this young man Subha, had the idea to ask the Supreme Buddha about these things related to karma? That’s what we’ll learn today.


Draw a picture of the Supreme Buddha talking to the dog Todeya. if you like, you can take a photo of your drawing and send it in to the monks.


6:39 Sermon on Cullakammavibhanga Sutta MN 135
16:54 Lokavabodha Sutta. Download a PDF or read online.

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