Monks in the Morning, Friday, Nov 8, #107 Show Notes

Episode 107 Questions on Poya, Bathrooms, and Vinyana

Today we will hear some answers to some Dhamma questions. You know, the Supreme Buddha taught us very clearly that we can develop our wisdom by asking questions. In fact, he explained that one of the reasons he was so wise in his last life as a Bodhisatta was that in his previous lives he would look for wise people and ask them good Dhamma questions. Some people go to monks or wise people and just try to argue with them or debate. The Buddha didn’t praise this. When we have the chance to associate with people who have learned the Supreme Buddha’s teachings, we should ask questions that help us train our minds. We should ask questions that help us to improve our virtue, concentration and wisdom. When we don’t understand something we have heard in a sermon or read in a sutta, then it’s really important to ask questions so we don’t have doubts. So today we can learn by listening to answers to questions.


5:52 Q & A
15:54 Buddhanussati verses Meditation. Read online or Download PDF

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