Monks in the Morning, Friday, Dec 6, #125 Show Notes

Episode 125 Questions on Metta and Giving Dana to One Monk

Today we’ll hear answers to a couple of questions your friends from Dhamma School have asked. We’ll also hear a new segment where we can learn about the 32 marks that all supreme Buddhas have. I think you may have heard about these before. There is the very famous story of when the Bodhisatta baby was taken to the Brahmins to predict his future. When the brahmins looked at him they could see these signs that showed he would either become a ruler of the entire world, or a Samma Sambuddha. So for each of these marks we want to pay close attention for three things. First, what was the action he did in the past. Second, what was the mark on his body that came as a result of that action. And finally, what was the special ability or quality the Supreme Buddha had in his life as a result of that mark.

Now, I bet you remember how the Supreme Buddha’s cousin Devadatta tried to kill the Buddha. But he wasn’t successful, was he. Well, when we learn this first mark, we’ll understand why. It was because of the Buddha’s good karma done in his previous lives.


6:02 32 Marks of a Great Man, #1
7:59 Q & A
17:58 Karaniya Metta Sutta. Download a PDF or read online.

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