Special Message From Our Teacher

Yesterday Pinwath Swaminwahanse highlighted how we should develop in qualities. Nowadays, people have declined and become lazy, as a result of not making an effort to be free from anger, delusion, and lust one day. Whereas, when it comes to sensual pleasures, people are more willing to spend their time and money. Isn’t this very true? Therefore, if we are to develop as human beings, who have a very short life span, we must develop superior qualities to gain merit so that our life will be much more fruitful, and we will be able to become Arahants one day.🙏🦢

Doing good deeds will bring a greater sense of happiness than temporary sensual pleasures.

Pinwath Swaminwahanse explained a true story about a meritorious Prince who got fed up with sensual pleasures, he immediately left the Palace, on foot, and because of his merit, the Buddha was waiting to preach the Dhamma to him. What’s so special about this story is that the Prince, was able to realise the reality of our life, the nature of sensual pleasures, and he immediately left all his comforts, without a horse carriage or any form of transport. What about us? In fact, because of him, his parents became the first lay people to enter the Sangha order.

How many excuses do we find when it comes to merits⁉️Pinwath Swaminwahanse, explained the merits Pinwath Swaminwahanse did, both as a lay person and as a monk, having walked on foot to do merit.

Pinwath Swaminwahanse also related the story of an elderly man who goes once a year to Sri Pada ⛰️ – he walks all the way from his house to the top of the Sri Pada mountain, carrying a pot of oil on his head!

There was also another story about another young man, who used to climb trees 🌴, and pluck coconuts to pay for the bus fees so that he would be able to go to the Poya programme. He did this every month when his parents couldn’t afford to pay for his transport. This young man was able to become a monk later on.

However, Pinwath Swaminwahanse explained that you do not need to worry about the upcoming Esala Poya Day because, out of pure compassion, Pinwath Swaminwahanse has decided to offer free transportation for lay devotees so that they can come to the Monastery to observe the 8 precepts and develop in qualities. 🌕🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️

So, we hope all of you can join us for the Esala Poya One-Day Retreat! Kindly fill out this form, for us to get a headcount🙏 – https://forms.gle/pbDgFvnFBbJLdx4W8

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