Meditate after Work: September 11 Teachings

Last week we learned the method of examining the gratification, danger and escape of our lives and the things around us. Usually people consider only the gratification or happiness they experience in life. And when they don’t experience that gratification constantly people regret and hate themselves and other’s who took away their happiness. People who go chase after gratification have to experience the danger of life too. Then people do not have good solutions to overcome sadness. To overcome sadness people do many evil things that lead to sadness and failure in life.

A solution to overcome the experience of suffering is to be detached. The knowledge of impermanence and knowing the danger of our life and things around us will help us to be detached and and escape from suffering in a proper way by practicing the noble eight fold path. To do this, we began to study the Chachakka Sutta.

If you have time before you come to the next program, try to read the Chachakka Sutta. You can also print out the Karaniya Metta sutta and the six sense faculties meditation.

Join us for the next program on Wednesday September 18th to continue learning the Chachakka Sutta and practice a meditation based on this sutta.

Get details on the next program, Meditate after Work @ Bambalapitiya


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