Meditate after Work: August 7 Teachings

NOTE: There is no program on August 14. You can join instead with the One day Buddhist retreat with your family to Polhegoda that day. There are three programs conducted: one for kids in English, one for adults in English and another one for adults in Sinhala. Learn more and register at

At the August 7 program we learned about the different types of rebirth and how they take place. We also discussed the importance of the Karaniya Metta sutta. We also learned the first simile of the Kakacupama sutta: to develop the mind like the earth. We all have seen the earth but did we ever think to develop our mind like the earth until the Buddha instructed us? You can read the whole sutta on line here

Join us for the next program on Wednesday August 21st to learn the rest of the similes and ways to build a strong mind that is unaffected by criticism.

Get details on the next program, Meditate after Work @ Bambalapitiya

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