Poya Day Sil Program at Longdon Place

When: Every Poya Day
Where: 30/90 P, Longdon Place, Colombo 7
For: The Whole Family
Time: 7 am – 4 pm
Medium: English
Inquiries: +94 779 700 001
Cost: Free


7:00 AMObserving Eight Precepts Theruwan Vandana, Karaneeya Metta Sutta
7:30 AMBreak – Refreshments
8:00 AMDhamma Sermon
9:30 AMBreak
9:40 AMMeditation
10:10 AMDhamma Sermon
10:30 AMBuddha Puja
11:00 AMLunch Dana
12:20 PMChanting & sharing merits
1:00 PMDhamma Sermon
2:00 PMDhamma Discussion
3:00 PM Meditation
3:30PMClean Asapuwa (Dhamma Hall ,Shrine Hall, Dana Hall, Kitchen, IT Room, Remove Flags, Book Shop, Wash Room, Garbage)


Please see the attached link for the registration form. Please confirm your participation by filling out this Google form.

Contributions for the Poya day program

You can also help the poya program by donating. If you would like to participate in this virtuous deed, please contact us on WhatsApp +94 715962399. Please specify which item you intend to contribute to. Send the deposit slips to Whatsapp or donations@serenecolombo.org telling us the purpose of the donation

  • Reserved Morning dana (Swaminwahanse)
  • Reserved Morning dana (Lay people)
  • Reserved Lunch dana (Swaminwahanse)
  • Reserved Lunch dana (Lay people)
  • Open for Reservations Gilampasa (Lay people)
  • Open for Reservations Fruits for the Arahantaka relics puja
  • Open for Reservations Kiripidu Puja (Morning wandana)
  • Open for Reservations Flowers (Morning wandana)
  • Open for Reservations Garlands
  • Open for Reservations Transport
  • Open for Reservations Electricity
  • Open for Reservations Water
Bank Details
Account Name:English Dhamma Centre
A/C No:0091 6000 0357
BankSampath Bank
Branch:Pita Kotte
Bank Code7278
Branch Code91
Type of Account:Current Account

Streaming Platforms

You can watch the poya day dhamma sermon on the platforms listed below.



If you have any questions, kindly send a SMS to:

Photo Gallery

Useful Handouts to be ready during the program

8 Precepts

Read Eight Precepts online

Buddha Vandana Book

This is the Vandana book we use that has Sinhala letters, English letters, and English meaning. You can print as a booklet Using Acrobat Reader. (how to)

Qualities of the Supreme Buddha Kavi

Duk Vindina Jīvitha Gena Kavi

Stanza to worship monks

Okasa Vandami: This is what we recite to worship monks after a bana or a puja. You can read it online or download the PDF.


Loving Kindness Meditation

This is the basic loving-kindness meditation that we do at many of the meditation programs here.


  • Download a PDF of the meditation on recollecting the qualities of the Supreme Buddha
    Kavi Chanting


9 Buddha Qualities, abandon suffering, aggregates~khanda, alcohol, alms round, anger, animal world, anuttaropurisadammasarati quality, araham quality, Aṅgulimāla Arahant, bad association, bhagava quality, body meditation, buddhanussati meditation, Buddhist etiquette, chanting, compassion, confidence~saddhā, contentment, courage, craving, Culla Kammavibhanga Sutta, cutupapatanana, death, Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta, dhammapada, Enlightenment, evil deeds, first noble truth, five precepts, Four Noble Truths, friendship, ghost world, giving~dāna, good actions, gratitude, greed, guided meditation, hatred, heaven, hell, iddhi, ignorance, impermanence~anicca, jataka, jealousy, karma, kavi, killing, life of Buddha, lokavidu quality, losing loved ones, loss, loving-kindness~mettā, lying, Maha Satipatthana Sutta, Mangala Sutta, marks of a great man, meditation, merit~puññā, Mihintale, mindfulness~sati, Mora Paritta, Mundane Right View, nibbāna, Noble Eightfold Path, noble truth of suffering, non-attachment, ordination, origin of suffering, parents, paritta, patience, pilgrimage, practice, precepts, psychic powers, pujas, punishment, Pāli, rains retreat, rare human birth, Ratana Sutta, Ratthapala Sutta, relics, respect, retreat, right speech, right view, sacred places, Sakka God, sammasambuddho quality, samsara, Sangha, Second Noble Truth, sense bases, sexual misconduct, sickness, similes, Sri Lanka, stress, Sāriputta Arahant, Taking advice, Therigatha, Third Noble Truth, uposatha, Venerable Maha Moggalana, Vesak, vijja, vijjacaranasampanno quality, virtue~sīla, wisdom, Work, worldly conditions, wrong view