Let’s Observe 8 Precepts 4 Times a Month!

The Supreme Buddha encouraged his disciples to observe the eight precepts as often as possible. It is common to observe them on the full moon, but you may also like to follow them on the new and half moons. Here is the schedule. Dates in bold are the full moons.


Wednesday, August 7
Wednesday, August 14 (Poya)
Thursday, August 23
⬤ Thursday, August 30


Friday, September 6
Friday, September 13 (Poya)
Sunday, September 22
⬤ Saturday, September 28


Saturday, October 5
Sunday, October 13 (Poya)
Monday, October 21
⬤ Sunday, October 27


Monday, November 4
Tuesday, November 12 (Poya)
Tuesday, November 19
⬤ Tuesday, November 26


Wednesday, December 4
Wednesday, December 11 (Poya)
Thursday, December 19
⬤ Wednesday, December 25


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