Asubha: Protective Meditation on Impurities of the Body

These are traditional verses that can be recited as a meditation.

1. Aviññāṇa’subhanibhaṁ – Saviññāṇa’subhaṁ imaṁ
Kāyaṁ asubhato passaṁ – asubhaṁ bhāvaye yati

Seeing this body as impure when it is dead, without consciousness, and also impure when alive with consciousness, one should meditate on its foulness.

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Mettā: Protection Verses of Loving-Kindness Meditation

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These are traditional verses that can be recited as a meditation.

1. Attūpamāya sabbesaṁ – sattānaṁ sukha kāmataṁ
Passitvā kamato mettaṁ – sabbasattesu bhāvaye

I desire happiness, others also desire happiness. Having compared oneself with others, one should practice loving kindness towards all beings, by realizing that everyone desires happiness.

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Snp 2.4 Maha Mangala Sutta: Discourse on Blessings

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Evaṁ me sutaṁ. Ekaṁ samayaṁ Bhagavā Sāvatthiyaṁ viharati Jetavane Anāthapiṇḍikassa ārāme. Atha kho aññatarā devatā abhikkantāya rattiyā abhikkantavaṇṇā kevalakappaṁ Jetavanaṁ obhāsetvā yena Bhagavā tenupasaṅkami. Upasaṅkamitvā Bhagavantaṁ abhivādetvā ekamantaṁ aṭṭhāsi. Ekamantaṁ ṭhitā kho sā devatā Bhagavantaṁ gāthāya ajjhabhāsi.

Thus have I heard: On one occasion, the Blessed One was living in Sāvatthi at Jetavana at Anāthapiṇḍika’s monastery. Now when the night was far advanced, a certain deity, whose surpassing radiance illuminated the whole of Jetavana, approached the Blessed One, respectfully saluted him and stood to one side. Standing thus, he addressed the Blessed One in verse:

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AN 5.31 With Princess Sumanā

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At one time the Buddha was staying near Sāvatthī in Jeta’s Grove, Anāthapiṇḍika’s monastery. Then Princess Sumanā, escorted by five hundred chariots and five hundred royal maidens, went up to the Buddha, bowed, sat down to one side, and said to him:

“Sir, suppose there were two disciples equal in faith, ethics, and wisdom. One is a giver, one is not. When their body breaks up, after death, they’re reborn in a good place, a heavenly realm. When they have become gods, would there be any distinction or difference between them?”

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SN 10:12 Ālavaka Suttaṁ: Discourse to Ālavaka the Demon

Evaṁ me sutaṁ. Ekaṁ Samayaṁ Bhagavā Ālaviyaṁ viharati Ālavakassa yakkhassa bhavane. Atha kho Ālavako yakkho yena Bhagavā tenupasaṅkami. Upasaṅkamitvā Bhagavāntaṁ etada’voca.
Thus have I heard: On one occasion the Blessed One was living at Ālavi, in the abode of the demon Ālavaka. At that time, the demon Ālavaka approached the Blessed One, and on arrival, said to the Blessed One:

Nikkhama samaṇā’ti. Sādhā’vuso’ti Bhagavā nikkhami.
“Get out, you recluse.” Saying, “Very well, friend,” the Blessed One went out.

Pavisa samaṇā’ti. Sādhā’vuso’ti Bhagavā pāvisi.
“Come in, you recluse.” Saying, “Very well, friend,” the Blessed One went in.

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