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A Journey of Merits: The Spiritual Pilgrimage to Ancient Buddhist Sites

As pilgrims traverse the ancient sites of Buddhism, they immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage and historical significance of each location. Engaging in meditation and prayer at these sacred places allows them to cultivate a deeper understanding of the Buddha’s teachings and fosters a sense of inner peace and reflection.

Paritta Chanting

A wonderful chance to learn how to chant the beautiful teachings of our Supreme Buddha and speak with English speaking monks.

Monthly Poya Day Program

On every full moon poya day, venerable monks from Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monasteries will conduct religious programs such as Observance of Sil, Dhamma Talks and Discussions, Meditation and Buddha Vandana

Youth Round-Up

Youth Round-Up with free shuttle service: Learn and practice the Supreme Buddha’s Dhamma

Children’s Dhamma Program

An interactive Dhamma Program for kids. Kids love the chance to talk with a monk in English and learn Dhamma that is useful for their lives.

Online Children’s Dhamma Program

An interactive online Dhamma program for kids around the world. Kids love the chance to talk with a monk in English and learn Dhamma that is useful for their lives.

Meditate After Work

A wonderful chance to learn the ancient meditation teachings taught by the Buddha and speak with English speaking monks.


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